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Peter Schifrin  WINGS /  febbraio 2023



“Like athletic endeavor, art can be a catalyst, a reminder of our potential, of how we can transform, of how we can transcend limitations. When we experience a work of art, or are inspired by human performance, it expands our awareness, it ties into our spiritual practice:  To be better - To uplift others. To fly toward achievement.”  -   
Peter Schifrin. Sculptor. Olympian. 
In 2012, I was invited to participate in an exhibition at the London Olympiad, with Art of the Olympians, a group of Olympic athletes who are also artists.  As an Olympian myself, this opportunity inspired me to explore, through sculpture and drawing, ‘the pursuit of excellence over time’.  Within all of us, is the impulse toward excellence, whether in pursuit of a private and personal goal - or a professional aspiration. To achieve our dreams, however, we must commit to daily practice and keep our standards high. We develop passion for achievement, thru thoughtful work, through determination, and through creative tenacity. I composed this series, Wings, as abstract figures, symbolizing every person growing ‘wings’. The artworks are created as reminders of our personal quest, our personal ‘spiritual flight’.
The waking dream, the dream vision that comes to us with our ‘eyes open’, is the affirmation within these drawings and sculptures. Initially, I composed black-ink line drawings on paper. These are colored, printed, and then each is individually hand painted and recreated. Additionally, I manipulated small, three-dimensional versions in soft, sculpted wax. I loosely modeled these variations with my fingers, hands and simple tools. The final sculptures are cast in bronze to which I applied chemical ‘patina’ or bronze surface coloration. Each drawing and each sculpted form is unique.
 As we listen to our inner wisdom, and as we persist in our practice, we impel our dreams into action. Then, sometimes, we fly. 
 Peter Schifrin, 2023